Welcome to CompNETech!

CompNETech is focused to servicing residential, home-based businesses, and commercial firms with within Fresno county and surrounding areas. CompNETech has only one specific goal – “Provide affordable and high quality technology services”. Try us out!

Computer Upgrades Available

It’s time to replace your outdated system with today’s latest technology out in the market. Upgrade your desktops, laptops, tablets, and printers! CompNETech can help you build and design your equipment based on your daily computing needs.

Virus and malware infections?

We at CompNETech takes security threats very seriously. Computer slowing down and acting up? We can help you get your systems back to its original form or clean-up infections as well as speed up performance through optimization and advanced scanning.

Education & Training

Ever scared of hitting wrong buttons on the keyboard because of past bad-experience? Educating and training people is one of the most important tasks of CompNETech. It’s time to get back in control of your PC without fear of messing it up!

Feeling unsecured?

Protect your family, business, and properties. Upgrade your current CCTV surveillance system without re-wiring. Wireless CCTV system is now becoming more robust and popular. Having the proper surveillance system in place helps you have peace of mind while being away. With the latest 1080P capabilities, clarity has never been so excellent and affordable!
We are CompNETech! We provide onsite computer repairs, sales, upgrades, virus and malware removals, system cleanup and maintenance, network and website consulting, computer training, data backup and recovery, and much more! Give us a try and we guarantee that you will be educated in the process. We have the passion of helping individuals and businesses alike. Serving locally within County of Fresno and surrounding areas. We are certified, licensed, and insured.