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    • How to take screenshots in Windows 10
      Snapping screenshots in Windows 10 can be helpful indeed. Screenshots are useful for quickly showing someone what's on your desktop, or grabbing a quick moment from a video that you need to share. Taking screenshots with Windows 10's built-in controls is easy, but the methods to do so aren't exactly obvious.Here are three built-in Windows […]
    • How 'Start - A New Tab Page' turns Chrome into an iGoogle replacement
      Sure, it’s 2017, but if you miss the old days of iGoogle personalized homepages, there are a few Chrome extensions that can provide something similar on your new tab page. One of them is called “Start - A Better New Tab” from 64 Pixels.This extension includes all kinds of information on your new tab page […]
    • How to get past Windows Defender SmartScreen in Windows 10
      We've all been there. You read about a great little traditional desktop application or utility that you think will be a great help. Once it's downloaded, boom!, Windows 10 blocks it thanks to Windows Defender SmartScreen, a feature that prevents unrecognized apps from running. It's a helpful security feature that can sometimes be annoying. Here's […]
    • What to do if Windows 10 Control Panel disappears from the WinX power user menu
      Prior to the Creators Update rollout last month, I did a refresh of my Windows installation to shake out a few nagging problems. After the refresh, I noticed that Microsoft did me the very unhelpful favor of removing the Control Panel in the WinX power user menu that appears when you right-click Start or tap […]
    • How to install the latest Android O beta on your Nexus or Pixel phone
      Google is constantly at work perfecting the latest version of Android, but you might not know that you can help test it out. Before any new version of Android is released, whether it’s a full new major “sweet treat” version (such as the new Android O beta) or a simple maintenance release, you can sign […]
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