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    • How to build the best free PC security software suite
      If you have a PC, you’re a target. You need security software. That’s as true today as it was a decade ago, despite significant security improvements to Windows over the years. But you have a choice: You can continue paying a security software vendor an annual fee for protection or take matters into your own hands. If […]
    • How to choose a TV antenna
      Attention cord cutters: This in-depth guide to TV antenna tech will help you find just the right model for tuning in free over-the-air broadcasts.
    • Excel Workbooks: Three-dimensional workbooks and other number-crunching powers
      Excel workbooks are the next step after you've mastered the single Excel spreadsheet. Going back to the ledger idea we used in our Excel spreadsheets guide, think of the workbook as the ledger (or book), and the spreadsheets as the pages inside that book.We'll dive deep into Excel workbooks in this guide, starting with the […]
    • Android 8 Oreo: How to use picture-in-picture mode
      Sometimes you want to watch a video on your phone, but you've also got some serious business to handle. So, what's a busy slacker to do? Google added split-screen mode for apps in Nougat, but that wasn't designed with video playback in mind. Oreo finally makes video playback more friendly with the addition of picture-in-picture […]
    • How to delete Facebook from your life
      When it’s time to leave Facebook for good, do it by following these steps, and we'll also show you how to back out if you change your mind.
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