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    • How to fix your Wi-Fi network
      Wi-Fi is everywhere and built into everything. It’s like oxygen for internet access, media streaming, gaming, and all types of networking. And it should just work all the time—right? If you’ve had an average experience with Wi-Fi on mobiles devices, laptops, game systems, and more, you know that while a solid Wi-Fi connection might be […]
    • How to use Word to create holiday cards and other projects
      Microsoft Word may not be a full-fledged graphics program, but you can use its layout, font, text box, and other features to make, surprisingly, exceptional custom holiday cards with a little clever manipulation and some creativity. You can use images or clipart from your own collection, download royalty-free images from the web, or use Shapes […]
    • Five hidden features of Android 8.0 Oreo you should be using
      Google is pushing Android 8.0 Oreo to Nexus and Pixel devices as device makers scramble to get their phones updated. Google's devices will be the only ones running the new software, at least for a while. What's this Oreo update all about, anyway? Everyone knows about the big stuff, like picture-in-picture and autofill apps, but […]
    • Excel macros: Essential rules, tips and tricks
      An Excel macro is an abbreviation for macroinstruction—a sequence of commands (or directives) that tell a computer program or a programming language (such as Visual Basic, C, Assembler, PHP, etc.) to perform a series of tasks; generally repetitive tasks, which are prone to errors if repeatedly keyed by hand. Application macros are often created using a […]
    • Excel databases: Creating relational tables
      Excel possesses formidable database powers. Creating a relational database starts with a Master table that links it to subordinates, called (awkwardly) Slave, Child, or Detail tables.How relational databases work Excel's organizational structure lends itself well to how databases work. A database is a collection of connected items (spreadsheet) that, when associated, creates a single record […]
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