CompNETech (Computer Network Technology) is a local I.T. company in Fresno, California.  Formed in 1997 under Computer Information Specialist, owner and operator Raymound Pacio, decided in 2011 to pursue fulltime work providing computer services.  CompNETech is focused to servicing residential, home-based businesses, and commercial firms.  CompNETech has only one specific goal – “Provide affordable and excellent technology services!”.

When the company started in 1997, Ray provided services such as; computer repair, fabrication, troubleshooting, and maintenance to friends and families while working a full time job.  Passion for latest technologies and learning became an ongoing hobby until 2011. What started as fun and hobby became a passion of helping individuals and businesses alike who were affected and suffered due to the 2008 recession.  While working as a full-time purchaser with one of the elite technology company in the valley, Ray kept providing help to those who need it. May it be family, friends, church members or just plain business owner he just met during lunch, he was always there to help.

Blessings in disguised!!!!  In 2011, due to personal health challenges, Ray decided to take care of his wife and kids. This opened up a door to continue what he loved to do.  Help people and his family! So came the birth of CompNETech or Computer Network Technology.  His love and gift for technologies gave him the drive to help out those who need affordable and excellent technology services. Although there were some bumps on the road to running a company by himself, he had always held on to Philippians 3:14. Five years later, CompNETech is still following that same business ethic.

What makes CompNETech stands out from other I.T. companies?

  • Affordable I.T. services
  • We will educate and explain to customers about technology – NOT JUST FIX IT
  • We only serve customers locally
  • The owner oversees each customer’s case directly before and after each job or project
  • If we are unable to help, a certified and trusted I.T. companies based locally here in Fresno will be referred to you.
  • CompNETech is certified, licensed, and insured.
  • Has an A+ rating through Better Business Bureau.
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional.


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